Sunday, February 27, 2022

Announcing the new restful API

 Hello CoolSMSers!

Another cool upgrade to our service! Today we're introducing the first version of our restful API!

With it, you can check the status of your key, list your numbers, reboot lines, read messages [and delete at same time if you choose], create groups, assign numbers to groups, and label lines, all from the comfort of your favorite programming language!

The best part: It's completely free for all members!

The official documentation can be found here:

To test around in our playground please visit:

And to get started, log in to your account and visit There you can create an API token.

Amazing, right!? You can now link our service to your scripts and automation (bots) to share verification codes to your app.

For instance, if you have scripts that submit your Ticketmaster Verified Fan entries, the API will allow you to programmatically link together your app and our service to automatically deal with the verification code entry back into Ticketmaster's site.

Please send any feedback you might have about the API (new features, bugs, etc.) to [email protected] so we can continue to make it bigger and better!

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